KdA is a boutique-sized firm with an established reputation of applying artfully conceived and research-based solutions to our clients’ projects, combining technical expertise with inspired and enduring design.

The firm’s portfolio ranges in scale from civic institutions to detailed custom homes and furniture. In every project, we emphasize a meaningful connection to place, the optimal selection of materials, common-sense sustainability, and a strong visual presence.

Kevin deFreitas, FAIA | Principal


Our job is simple: to translate your dreams

Everyone can close their eyes and recall amazing architecture they’ve experienced, reimagining the visuals, the textures, and even the sounds that heightened their senses. You are about to create your own distinct space, and the process begins—and ends—with your vision. We work closely with you to translate your dreams into elegant and practical design solutions, creating unforgettable living and working spaces.

We listen first and communicate thoroughly

Experience has taught us that successful projects are driven by clear and consistent communication between the client, consultants and contractors. We listen carefully so we understand your needs at every step. We rely on 3-D modeling throughout the process to clarify design intentions and eliminate surprises. We guide you strategically, knowing that the more informed you are, the better your decisions will be. And hopefully, along the way, we convey our joy and share a laugh or two.

Our designs respond to your individual needs

Buildings are not sculptures; they serve people and a specific function. We look at every design problem holistically by first understanding from a human perspective how the environment will be used. Exceptional design seamlessly incorporates the interconnected relationships between materials, codes, sustainability and comfort. We contemplate these systems as deliberately as we consider budget and end use so your building is as much a pleasure to inhabit as it is to behold.

Our size is perfect, for us and for you

KdA is a boutique-sized firm by intention. When we agree to work together, you have the same practitioner on the project from initial interview to ribbon cutting. Nothing is lost in translation because your designated KdA professional conducts the research, attends all project/site meetings, develops the design, selects materials, coordinates with the subconsultants, produces the working drawings, and handles ASIs and RFIs during the construction administration phase. Communication is efficient, so we don’t need complex messaging systems or stockpiles of sticky notes.

We are invigorated by projects that require fresh thinking

Our portfolio includes work on many scales, from best-practice studies for the City of Carlsbad—to guide the municipality through a complex reorganization and consolidation of several satellite departments into one facility—to the intricate design of custom furniture for a culturally-infused chapel on an Indian reservation. This side of our practice expands the intellect and fuels our imaginations, imbuing every project in turn with a higher level of creativity.

We live by our words

Our commitment to integrated sustainability extends to Kevin’s personal residence, which is recognized nationally for design as well as energy/water/material reduction. Using less is easily achieved without compromising safety, comfort, durability or aesthetics. The “greenest” materials and systems require little or no maintenance, which reinforces our design philosophy of increased longevity and reduced life-cycle costs.

We love what we do!

To distinguish ourselves and our work, we provide personalized, professional service that exceeds your expectations through quality of ideas, perceived value, work product and timeliness. We never forget that your building becomes a part of your life and your history, so we fully engage you, our project consultants and the contractors involved in the process. This approach has resulted in numerous publications and awards recognizing our body of work. Kevin was recognized nationally with the AIA’s Young Architect Award and recently received the same award on behalf of the AIA.

KdA Values.....


We design with a people-first philosophy; buildings are for their service and purpose.


We seek projects that expand our creativity, demanding thoughtful, imaginative responses.


We understand architecture is about place making—intentionally connecting people to one another and to their environment. This gives buildings meaning.


We take our work seriously—but not necessarily ourselves—and revere the art of designing and the craft of building.

Proud Clients

We accept fewer—but higher quality—commissions so we can deliver exceptional work.