OB Comfort Station | Non-Residential 
Ocean Beach, CA

Frequented by summer tourists and locals alike, this will be the most used building in the portfolio.

This “comfort station” is to replace a 1960’s era structure the City of San Diego demolished due to safety concerns. Located completely by itself on the sand with only the flat horizon beyond, this tiny structure assumes a very prominent position in its context. The oversized wing shaped roof floats above the walls of the structure to facilitate excellent natural day-lighting and ventilation, two features conspicuously missing from the former design and high priorities for the neighborhood planning group. Conceived as two interlocking “L’s” in plan: one smooth, monolithic, and naturally colored cast-in-place concrete (masculine), the other a more finely detailed three-color blend of glazed CMU block (feminine). The floor plan is rotated 45 degrees on the site so that the building is never viewed on a flat facade, but always on an oblique angle presenting portions of two elevations at the same time. The building is lifted up a few steps to reduce wind blown sand from clogging interior drains while providing some exterior seating opportunities out of the sun and with views to the adjacent volleyball courts and surf beyond. Frequented by summer tourist and locals alike, this will be the most used building in the portfolio.