Casa Familia | Residential | Point Loma, CA

A modern home for a family of six that was designed to feel open, comfortable, casual, and highly efficient.


A reinterpretation of quintessential Southern Californian courtyard houses; this one-room wide home 18’ x 89’ lives much bigger than it really is by thoughtfully opening up to, and engaging, the landscape and temperate coastal climate. The home simultaneously looks towards the future (technologically feature rich), while remembering the low tech comfort strategies of the past; a time before cheap power, air conditioning, and forced air units existed. Through concerted research, experimentation, and a good measure of faith, this very livable house for a young family of six proved a success; consuming 65% less electricity than State standards and 55% less water than homes of comparable size without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. From an architectural standpoint it was important to dispel the common public misperception that efficiency and conservation has to look ”hippie” or alternative.